Below is the list of items we stock in Bulk (produce list changes daily):


Beans, Black NYS Organic

Beans, Great Northern, Organic

Beans, Lima, Baby, Organic

Beans, Mung, Organic

Beans, Navy, Organic

Beans, Red Chili, Small

Black Eyed Peas, Organic

Chickpeas, (Garbanzos) Organic

Lentils de Puy, (French) Organic

Lentils, Brown/Green

Lentils, Green, Organic

Lentils, Red Split, Organic

Peas, Green Split Organic

Peas, Yellow Split Organic

Beans, Kidney, Dark Red, Organic

Beans, Pinto

Dried Fruit

Dates, Whole, Medjool, Organic

Goji Berries

Prunes, Pitted, Medium

Raisins, Golden

Raisins, Thompson Select, Organic

Cherries, Dried Michigan tart w/sugar

Apricots, Organic

Currants, Organic


All Purpose Flour, White, Organic

Rye Flour, Organic

White Pastry Flour, Organic

Buckwheat Flour, Organic

Cornmeal, med grind, organic


Amaranth, Organic

Barley Berries, Hulled, Organic

Buckwheat Groats, Roasted, Kasha, Organic

Cous-Cous, Standard

Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries, Organic

Millet Seeds, Organic

Oats, Rolled Regular Organic

Oats, Steel Cut, Organic

Polenta, Yellow, Organic

Quinoa, Red Organic

Rice, Basmati, White, Organic

Rice, Brown, Short Grain, Organic

Rice, Forbidden, Black "Lotus"

Rice, Jasmine

Rice, Sushi 'Rose' (#46005)

Rice, Wild Grade A/B

Spelt Berries, Organic

Quinoa White Organic B

Einkorn berries, Organic

Bulgur, medium #2


Almonds, Raw, Unpasteurized Organic

Cashews, Whole Raw

Go Coconut - Raw -Shredded - sun dried

Hazelnuts, Raw, Unblanched (Skin On)

Pecan Halves, JR Mammoth

Pinenuts, Grade A Imported

Walnuts, Light Halves & Pieces

Mixed Nuts


Pasta Reginetti Semolina

Brown Rice Penne, Organic

Whole Wheat Rotini


Tri Color Orzo


Go Chocolate Covered Raisins

Banana Walnut Granola

Go Buckwheat (Sprouted Granola)

Go Chocolate Covered Almonds

Triple Berry Granola

Flax Crackers (tomato dill)

Chocolate Chips

Sesame Sticks

Crisped brown rice


Canola Fry Oil GMO Free 35lb

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sunflower Oil 35lb

Balsamic Vinegar

Rice Vinegar

Raw Honey - Catskill Provisions


Chia Seeds, Black, Organic

Flax Seed, Brown, Organic

Popcorn, Organic

Pumpkin Seeds, roasted and salted NYS

Sesame Seed, Black

Sunflower Seeds, Hulled, Organic

Hemp Seeds

Cleaning/ Laundry

Powder, Laundry detergent, Unscented

Powder, Laundry detergent, Lavender

Scrub, Gentle Home cleaning, Peppermint Tea Tree

Baking Soda

Dishmate Dishwashing Liquid by Earth Friendly Products Free and Clear


Sugar, Certified Organic

Sugar, Dark Brown, Organic

Allspice Ground

Star Anise

Bay Leaves

Black Pepper Butcher

Tri Color Peppercorns

Caraway Seed

Cardamom Ground

Cordamom Pods Green

Cayenne Pepper

Celery Seed Ground

Red Chili Spice Blend

Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Ground

Cloves, Whole

Coriander, whole

Coriander Seed Ground

Cumin Seed

Cumin Seed Ground

Fennel Seed

Fennel Ground

Fenugreek Seed

Juniper Berries

Mango Powder

Mustard Seed Brown

Whole Nutmeg

Nutmeg, Ground

Oregano Leaves

Paprika Smoked

Parsley Flakes


Poppy Seeds

Rosemary Whole

Sumac, Ground

Thyme Leaves

Turmeric Ground Madras

Nutritional Yeast Mini Flakes

Cocoa Powder Non-Alkalized Organic

Cacao Nibs Fairtrade Organic

Sea Salt Fine

Himalayan Pink Salt Fine

Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse

Dill Weed

Whole Red Chilies

Tarragon Leaves

Szechuan Peppercorns

Seaweed Soup Mix

Bulk Soap

Castile soap Unscented

Castile soap Lemongrass Zen

Loose Leaf Tea

Nettle Leaf Organic

Green Gunpowder Organic

Hibiscus Flowers Organic

Roobios Organic

English Breakfast

Chamomile Tea Organic

Rosehips Seedless Organic

Matcha Powder Organic Japanese

Lapsang Souchung Organic Tea

Organic Tahini

Olives, Greek Country Mix, Pitted

Miso, Mellow White, Miso Master

Tofu, Extra Firm, Bulk

Classic Kimchi

Full Sour Pickles

Half Sour Pickles


Pickled Spicy peppers