FOX 5 News: Visits New York City's First Package-Free Grocery


NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) - New York City’s first package-free grocery store has opened in Bushwick.

Katerina Bogatireva has spent the last three years working to get it open.

The idea behind precycle is to help customers eliminate their trash that’s associated with the food packaging,” she said. “Not just food, but household items and beauty products.” Almost everything at Precycle is sourced from the Northeast and sold in bulk. Customers bring their own clean containers, and can fill up on everything from beans to canola oil to detergent and spices.

Precycle also sells items to help people reduce waste, everything from reusable straws and food wraps, to refillable glass dental floss containers. The few items that do come in some form of sustainable packaging are thoroughly vetted.

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