ELLE GOURMET Japan: A package-free food store is born in Brooklyn, New York

Precycle Zero Waste NYC Elle Gourmet Press

New York has raised awareness of eco-friendly and sustainable efforts not only at the individual level but also at the administrative level. Restaurants and bars are working on reducing food waste and using plastic straws instead of plastic straws, the trend is expanding.

Among the recent sustainable developments, I would like to pay particular attention to Brooklyn's first "precycle," a grosery store with package free and zero disposal. The distinctive feature of this store's system is the style of weight sale. 

Here, the packagefree is realized by the customer bringing a bottle, tupperwear, a cloth bag and the like. The customer first weighs the weight of the container, packs the desired amount of food in the container, and subtracts the weight of the container to calculate the amount. Of course, containers can be purchased on the spot.

Precycle Zero Waste NYC package free in stock
Presskaterina bogatireva