Big Blue Tote Bag

Big Blue Tote Bag


Material: 100% Cotton Bull Denim, 7.5 oz
Bag Size: 23”W x 13.5”H x 6.5”D
Handle Size: 2” W x 26.5” L
Color: Blue

This Oversized tote is amazing!
Its extra-wide woven straps are very soft and are perfect for carrying heavy loads without bruising your shoulder. It tucks comfortably under your arm with enough give to wear over a jacket. Draping smoothly the way soft-but-hardy bull denim can, falling from pit to hip.

It can hold all of life’s essentials. It works great as a weekender or a beach bag, and when filled to its wide top hem, has the potential to carry several watermelons, a litter of puppies, or roughly three houseplants.